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Dozens and Dozens of innocent Seattle Citizens terrorized including: Stalking, Vandalism, Spray Painting Homes, Cars, Gasoline Over Cars, Arson, Flooding Homes, Spray Painting Homes! 

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James Morrison tags Child Rapist and other vulgar

acts of terror on numerous cars. Many of his victims are forced to move, install security systems, hire Private Investigators, seek protection orders, and obtain home and auto-body repair, graffiti removal, tire repair, and power washing. Psychological terror + sociopathic vandalism. Just can't put a dollar amount to this extensive damage.

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Attempts to Extort Avalara Employer for $150,000 stating "I can be an expensive Ex-Employee...Very Expensive" 


As of Friday Sept 15, 2023 new threats targeting 
-Peter Spina
-Happy Hawaiian

-Michael Lynch and 20 + others

Doxxing for money campaign, see watermarked pdf below

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Go Fund Me, Over $100,000 missing. Troy Coin over $500,000.00 STOLEN. $53,000.00 Kinesis Funds STOLEN.


Rob Kientz

Bob Coleman
Idaho Armored Vaults

Pat Holland
Sound Money Podcast

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Death Threats to 
PizzaSlut & Pickaxe 

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Jon Little

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The New Extortion Play for James Morrison. Has Threatened to Sue or Launched Law Suits.  

Most Death Threats he calls people "Kikes" or "Filthy Jews"
"He Always goes straight to Violent Acts, Extortion & Hate"

 -Seattle Area DA


Context, Jim also emails Jon Little (often 5 times a day.) We discovered that he also does this anytime someone

comments on the brand that he lost control of (He was kicked out of the Reddit sub called Wall Street Silver) But previously

he had sent threatening emails to Craig Henke, David Morgan, Kenzie of Fringe Media, Dimitri who says he has the trademark

and dozens of other people shown on the crime board above (like Bob Coleman) who posted something benign on Twitter and within

minutes received threatening emails from Morrison. 


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Jon Forrest Little <>
Date: Sat, Sep 9, 2023 at 11:22 AM
Subject: Re: Process service of lawsuit vs Jon Forrest Little
To: <>, ugly americans <>

Hello Jim


I write to you with the deepest degree of sadness and hope you get help soon. I am not saying this sarcastically but earnestly.


Discovery goes both ways, my friend.
Also, your anti-semitic attacks are taken very seriously these days.

Could you comment on this report below

Jim, RE your baseless claims RE you feeling threatened, this goes to your past criminal MO and is what Sigmund Freud called projection. Projection is a defense mechanism where the guilty party projects his faults onto others.

For example, Since you have dozens and dozens of convicted counts of carrying out terrorizing violence and making threats, you cling to an unhinged behavior and say that is what others are doing to you. Projecting your pathologies onto innocent people.

Another example is when someone cheats on their spouse, they may come home and ask their wife, "Why are you cheating on me?"

A real-life Jim Lewis/Morrison example is if someone in the greater Seattle area (Kitsap Co, Issaquah, Bellevue) was spray painting
"Child Rapist" all over innocent people's cars and houses. This reveals something very telling of the perpetrator.

Freud may ask, Was Jim Lewis/Morrison himself a child rapist? Or maybe he was the victim of child rape?

In either case, this is a very tragic and unfortunate situation, and we are deeply saddened if this touched a nerve in your dysfunctional past, which explains you escalating once again.

The court is an excellent environment for all these things to be heard. I don't have much faith in the US law system as it usually props up the criminal like we've seen in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, LA, and NY (the courts are overwhelmed, and it's pretty much a "catch and release" system). We have expert opinions when discussing your case with your past employers and Seattle area DA that you were also
a "catch and release" criminal.

Someone's criminal past is part of the discovery protocol in a judicial setting. Your sociopathic criminal past acts are called "priors".

RE any court case you are frivolously launching. I seriously doubt I will show up. I'm a serious person moving forward with my life vs. allowing you to cling to your criminal MO and further traumatize innocent folk.

Yes, you successfully got Wolters Kluwer to write you a check for $100,000.00 just so you would stop terrorizing dozens and dozens of innocent people.

This was only one example. I believe you went to this playbook various times, and now you are trying it again with your latest lawsuit; and I believe you are even using the same lawyer that defended you in prior "domestic abuse" and "aggravated child abuse."

Our clever bait worked, we wanted to get your comment on the record and you fell for it because of your narcissism and lust for unearned money.

I prefer you remain believing you will receive some colossal settlement you want to call a "default judgment."  Like a Wolters Kluwer-style settlement, you're banking it may even be north of the 100,000 right?

So, on behalf of Joshua Bingham, other pickaxe staff/colleagues, pizza slut (who maybe 5 feet tall and may be under 100 pounds, and the Reddit army of apes that booted you out of the jungle...I wish you all the best.)

context below not counting articles published by renaissancemen and zero hedge


Is Jim criminally insane? The Reddit community responds with memes and commentary "lock him up... again"

Jim resorting to extortion MO in launching lawsuits against Joshua Bingham and Pickaxe

RE: Sociopath James H. Morrison 


Extortion takes on a new form.


James H. Morrison now is using his local municipal court theater to dox dozens more victims. He is seeking to obtain info so he can harass everyone more directly and sue people individually.


Doxing is the act of publicly revealing private or identifying information about a person or organization. This information can include a person's real name, home address, phone number, email address, Social Security number, credit card number, or other sensitive information.

Doxing is often done with malicious intent, such as to harass, intimidate, or threaten someone. It can also be used to extort money or other favors, or to damage someone's reputation.

More on James H Morrison



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